Need a unique idea for that old picnic table?

Painted French Linen Table Runner, shared by homemademodern on Tip Junkie


RePainting a Dresser

I love this! I am all about repurposing and think this is a fantastic idea. Why get rid of that dresser and spend money on a new one when you can “make” a new one with just a bit of paint!


This Old Chair

First off, I want to send prayers out to all of my fellow East Coasters who are encountering the wrath of Sandy. I am afraid but I am more afraid for the people closest to the coastline than I. I can not help but think about the beautiful Atlantic City Beach Cats and I am…… Continue reading This Old Chair

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Rising to the occasion when decorating stair risers

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A shout-out to ReStore Nation!

Now I realize that I am a small time blogger who is just getting started with this whole blogging thing but I have to say that I am so honored that an organization such as ReStore of Montgomery County Maryland commented on my blog! I love what ReStore does and believe in it. Their website…… Continue reading A shout-out to ReStore Nation!

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Make a room divider from old bi-fold closet doors

Do you remember these bi-fold closet doors? Well, don’t throw them away….make a lovely room divider out of them or even a headboard! Two of these doors together equals about 8 ft of a nice temporary wall for that open concept home you are so bored with, LOL. Paint them, decoupage them….do anything you like and then…… Continue reading Make a room divider from old bi-fold closet doors

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Why on Earth didn’t I think of this?!?!

Did you ever sit and stare at something that has been sitting in your garage or home and wonder what you could do with it? I mean hours on end……….just staring at it and trying to think but you are having a creative block? Coming so close to tossing it but because you JUST KNOW…… Continue reading Why on Earth didn’t I think of this?!?!