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A shout-out to ReStore Nation!

Now I realize that I am a small time blogger who is just getting started with this whole blogging thing but I have to say that I am so honored that an organization such as ReStore of Montgomery County Maryland commented on my blog! I love what ReStore does and believe in it. Their website… Continue reading A shout-out to ReStore Nation!

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Make a room divider from old bi-fold closet doors

Do you remember these bi-fold closet doors? Well, don't throw them away....make a lovely room divider out of them or even a headboard! Two of these doors together equals about 8 ft of a nice temporary wall for that open concept home you are so bored with, LOL. Paint them, decoupage anything you like and then… Continue reading Make a room divider from old bi-fold closet doors

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Why on Earth didn’t I think of this?!?!

Did you ever sit and stare at something that has been sitting in your garage or home and wonder what you could do with it? I mean hours on end..........just staring at it and trying to think but you are having a creative block? Coming so close to tossing it but because you JUST KNOW… Continue reading Why on Earth didn’t I think of this?!?!

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Shabby chic lamp made by me

Ok...this is a bit more chic than shabby but you get the idea. I can't find the lampshade that I originally had on it. You are probably wondering how I could lose a lampshade but then again you have not seen my stash of lampshades, LOL......... 🙂 This is so easy to make. I collect… Continue reading Shabby chic lamp made by me

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I can hardly stand how cute and clever this is

Source: This also is so adorable and what a great way to use those old outdated brass chandeliers!! Follow the source link and see how this clever lady did this. This blog journey just keeps gettin' better!

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Teacup lamp

Source: This is adorable, especially for a little girls room. I make lamps from old lamp parts and it is really neat to come up with different combinations. One of my fav lamps I have made is a shabby chic lamp which is still in my bedroom. Many parts can be sanded and spray… Continue reading Teacup lamp


Pinterest Now this is one fantastic pinterest idea. This lady has made a reuse board and clearly has scoured the web and found some great ideas. You have got to take a look and follow this board. Every day people just amaze me with their creative ideas. Creativity is such a blessing and I think… Continue reading Pinterest


Another great example of a family who repurposes I could scour the web for hours and hours looking for fresh ideas and blogs and websites pertaining to design, redesign and repurposing. I suppose that is why I went to college in my 30's and got my design degree. Design thrills me like nothing else. Repurposing for the sake of design thrills me… Continue reading Another great example of a family who repurposes


Re*Purpose Shop This is a great site to start your new repurposing hobby. Cari is so talented and you can get some great ideas from her site. I love that you can shop but be warned some of the prices are hefty. You can sign up for email alerts and register.  Enjoy!