Throwing a Sweet Sixteen Masquerade Ball (or any party) on a budget

My daughter Hannah Faith’s Sweet Sixteen cake designed by her and made by Custom Cakes by Adele




I wanted to write a post about how I put together a party for my daughter Hannah Faith for under 2,000. Frugal is my middle name. I wanted a large portion of the money to go towards the 2 things I knew I could not take on myself… the cake and the DJ… All else I would put together myself by being smart with time and creative.

I made all of the food. Yes every last bit with the exception of pastelillos and rice that my friend made for me. I did it by shopping at Sam’s Club in bulk and starting early making the food and putting in tin pans and put in the freezer. I also had all the catering equipment because I have catered for friends and have it on hand. Find a friend like me or you can rent.

My daughter and I made the Centerpieces and gifts for the guests. Again, I shopped in bulk and made Centerpieces out of dollar store vases that I coated in glitter. I added dollar store foliage and water pearls and balloons on sticks and they came out perfectly.

The gifts were dollar store foam pumpkins spray painted gold and filled with candy bought in bulk from Sam’s club. My daughter and my husband made masquerade mask lollipops and they went in the pumpkins.

The plates, napkins, table covers, decor… Were all bought at the dollar store or made by me including a very large masquerade mask.

I paid a few hundred to a friend for photos to be done as she is trying to get her photography business going and Hannah’s dress was on sale at Bebe.

The cake was designed by my daughter and became a reality via Adele from Custom Cakes by Adele. It was well worth the price and what I wanted people to remember. It had 4 tiers all different flavors with fillings and frosting and it was covered in marshmallow fondant. The flavors were dark chocolate with peanut butter chocolate chip filling and chocolate ganache frosting, almond vanilla with raspberry filling and raspberry frosting, chocolate with chocolate ganache filling and raspberry frosting and pumpkin with salted caramel filling and cream cheese frosting.

My daughter’s friends have said it was one of the best Sweet Sixteen parties they had been at so mission accomplished!

My party planning style is Much like my frugal decorating style. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make a huge impact! Enjoy the pictures and if you need any ideas.. Feel free to contact me.










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