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We have guests!

Photo courtesy of ~ Color wheel showing complementary colors ~ colors opposite each other on the color wheel

Welcome and a round of applause for my friends & fellow upcyclers, Helene and her wonderful husband Bob! Helene and Bob are also Realtors® in my office at Keller Williams® Realty in Allentown, PA. They are a super real estate team and have been in the business many years. I have much to learn from them. I am so blessed to have discovered the Keller Williams® Realty culture. It truly fits who I am and what I am about. Speaking of, if you or anyone you know is thinking about getting into real estate let me set you up with one of our great leaders here to tell you the story about Keller Williams®! I think you will like what you hear.

Back to Helene & Bob! Helene and I were on Facebook (Yes I signed back up..thanks to Patty our tech coach) 🙂 yesterday and she posted a picture of a bench that Captain Bob (that’s what we call him) had painted. She said it was headed for the trash but that they went to this awesome upcycle/repurpose store (name hopefully to be mentioned in another post) and bought this wonderful paint (again to be mentioned later-sorry) and Bob made it new again! Clap clap clap clap clap! Can we get a round of applause for these wonderful people who just saved this bench from ending up in a landfill?!!

So here is the bench pre-Cap’n Bob 😦

Photo courtesy of Helene & Bob

Boy does that look like it got some use from Helene and her family! It certainly looks like trash! In the eyes of some it does…. and that is ok. In my eyes, and obviously Helene’s, we see it as yet another thing sitting in a landfill..polluting the planet that our grandchildren have to live on long after we are gone! Nothing pains me more than seeing things on the curb for trash that can be repurposed, upcycled and restored. Even if you do not have time for that, call someone who will take it! The Salvation Army might take some furniture and I know I will if I can think of something to do with it. My garage workshop is a testament to that!

Bob took the bench apart and used a chalk paint to give it a new and updated look. He used complementary colors for a unique look and added interest. (Check out the color wheel in the beginning of this post)

Here is a photo of the new bench:

Photo courtesy of Helene & Bob

This is fabulous! Great job you guys. The colors really pop against one another and the wonderful stone façade on your home. The plants add warmth and I can not wait to see what else you do. If you have questions concerning the chalk paint, please contact me directly for that info. I will be writing about it in another post once I research it.

Bob & Helene we want to thank you for your concern for our planet and for taking the steps to be a part of the upcycling and repurposing family. If each person just saved one item from the landfills, it certainly would have an impact.

You can contact Helene & Bob at and you can contact me through this blog.

Go forth & dezign,


2 thoughts on “We have guests!”

  1. Hi Kiki, love your blog! Helene & I go way back from my Realtor days. It was so much fun having her & Bob join our Beginner Basic 101 Chalk Paint® workshop, a few weeks ago, at Pippi & Peanuts Eclectic Boutique, in Quakertown. Chalk Paint®, the one and only, is an amazing decorative paint that is taking the world by storm. Created by world renowned
    decorative artist, & author, Annie Sloan, of Oxford, England, Chalk Paint® arrived in the USA by way of Lisa Rickert, who brought Annie’s dream to life through “Annie Sloan Unfolded”. Chalk Paint® is NOT a chalk board paint, in fact there is no chalk in it at all. Chalk Paint® dries in 20 minutes, and even more amazing, Kiki…there is NO Priming & NO Sanding!! Pippi & Peanuts Eclectic Boutique is a certified Stockist & Retailer for Chalk Paint® , and we LOVE Upcycling!! I am looking forward to your visit, and maybe a workshop to help you transform & upcycle your treasures, with Chalk Paint®! 😉 Smiles, Jan

    1. Thank you Jan, for the fantastic info for our readers! This paint sounds like it is fabulous. I can hardly wait to visit and check out your items that have been painted with it. Thanks again & I am looking forward to meeting you!

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