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Belts aren’t just for keeping your pants up, no sir!

Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Belts aren’t just for keeping your pants up, no sir! 🙂

While on vacation in the Wildwoods, I had to make my usual trip to Cape May to see my favorite architectural style of Victorian homes. We stopped in to see the bunker, the USS Atlantus which is the concrete ship that sank just off of the coastline and of course we stopped at Sunset Beach to look for “diamonds”. At the lighthouse they were having an art sale with artisans selling their special pieces. I am always on the search for new ways to repurpose and upcycle. Boy did I find something neat! Just when I think there are no more ways to reuse items… 😮

I met a woman named Julia Driscoll who had quite the inventory of items made new again from old/vintage items. Her Etsy store is called THE VINTAGE VAIL. Her store tagline is “Vintage Finds Embellished to New Life”. Love it!

She had vintage silver utensils that she engraved “quotes” on. She engraved/stamped each letter by hand. She also had what is called “redneck wine glasses“. Here are some pics of what they look like. Really neat stuff!

Redneck Wine Glass
Redneck Wine Glass ~ Photo courtesy of
Engraved/stamped spoons
Engraved/stamped spoons ~ Photo courtesy of Etsy member Hammermann

Now for the main reason for this post: Belt Chairs

I am so excited about this DIY project. Two of my favorite repurposed items are chairs and lamps. I can always find a chair in someone’s trash, a yard sale or a flea market. It is one of the most thrown away items that I find and I have no idea why! You can do so many things with an old chair. So check this out…you can always find old vintage belts in thrift shops, I see them all the time. Julia weaves those belts to make a new seat for an old chair that has been either repainted or restored in some way. These are actual pictures of Julia’s chairs that she allowed me to take.

photo (10)photo (9)

I was in love with the blue on white one and wish I had room in my car to drive it three hours back home. These truly are beautiful and unique.

Email Julia today at and order your custom belt chair


Make your own belt chair courtesy of

You can also google it and there are other sites and videos with tutorials

Finally, craigslist is a great place to find free/cheap chairs and belts!

Now go forth and dezign,


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