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Make a room divider from old bi-fold closet doors

Do you remember these bi-fold closet doors?

Old luan bi-fold closet doors
Photo source:

Well, don’t throw them away….make a lovely room divider out of them or even a headboard! Two of these doors together equals about 8 ft of a nice temporary wall for that open concept home you are so bored with, LOL. Paint them, decoupage them….do anything you like and then hinge them together. Check out this crafty idea: CHALKBOARD PAINT..I love that stuff


and here is the start of the doors I am working on…..I primed them and then painted them a cool yellow-green and now I am working on striping them using blue painters tape and other leftover paint I have just sitting around! Pretty cool for my Daughters room 🙂

Please share your comments and if you have any design ideas you want to share or want to be featured on my blog….let me know!



11 thoughts on “Make a room divider from old bi-fold closet doors”

    1. It is!! I am really enjoying this whole thing…repurposing and blogging about it. I put an ad in CL for free junk that nobody wants and I am making my garage into a workshop so I can repurpose all the stuff. eventually an etsy store maybe? LOL!

      1. Thank you so much! It is so wonderful having such an important organization such as yourself commenting on my blog and reblogging what I wrote! I absolutely love what you guys do!

    1. Hi Kristen!

      The doors need to be placed in a “V” shape to stand. Generally these come with hinges on them so they can work as bifold doors on a closet. Those hinges also help them stand when they are being used as a room divider. You might also be able to add “L” brackets on the bottom for extra support. I hope this helps and I hope I explained it correctly, Thanks for your question. 🙂

  1. Thanks for getting back. We are using the doors to divide a living room to a bump out area for a baby room area. I just want to make sure it can’t be knocked over. The L brackets aren’t an option since it’s a rental. We will try to figure out some wood footing to try to stabilize it. My granddaughter is only 5 months right now but as she gets older I am sure she will explore knocking it over. 🙂

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