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Why on Earth didn’t I think of this?!?!

Did you ever sit and stare at something that has been sitting in your garage or home and wonder what you could do with it? I mean hours on end……….just staring at it and trying to think but you are having a creative block? Coming so close to tossing it but because you JUST KNOW there is something you can do with it, you don’t toss it? Well, it happened to me just the other day!

So I am sitting in my newly redecorated garage (yes, I decorate my garage) and I am staring at this big piece of blue foam insulation board and I can not think of anything to do with it. I had bought it when I was in college to do scaled down architectural models. I graduated in 2007 and so this thing has been sitting in my garage doing nothing. I know, use it as insulation, or its intended use, right? NAH! It is not really bothering anything but even so I was thinking of tossing it. I am so glad I didn’t!!

So here is the board and you can see it on the website. It is only $11.98 and is 4′ x 8′. That is huge! You could probably even find some free boards on from some poor unsuspecting person who has no idea that they are holding the key to some pretty fabulous homemade artwork! :)~

Foam insulation board

Ok, so this is what I found……

Foam Insulation Board Art!

Photo source:

Is that so cool or what?!! Cover one (or three) with fabric and you have instant art or even a cool looking headboard if you put them next to each other on the wall. I love this idea and I am so glad I saw this. I have tons of print flat fitted sheets that I never use that I can staple on to these boards for instant artwork. What I love most is that it is a great way to bring color to a room or change-up your room colors/theme according to the seasons! It is also a great idea for real estate staging! My fellow Realtors® will love this idea! I am headed to the garage now to make a board for myself. I will put it up in a later post.

Do you have ideas for repurposing? Contact me and I will feature it here on my blog. You can also comment with your ideas.



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