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Shabby chic lamp made by me

Shabby chic lamp made by me with old lamp parts

Ok…this is a bit more chic than shabby but you get the idea. I can’t find the lampshade that I originally had on it. You are probably wondering how I could lose a lampshade but then again you have not seen my stash of lampshades, LOL……… 🙂

This is so easy to make. I collect old lamps and lamp parts from flea markets and garage sales and I have all the tools I need to actually make it functional such as cords, sockets, harps and so on. This lamp is actually made up of 6 different parts from 5 different lamps and one part is even a round wooden item from AC Moore. The rest of the parts are mostly metal with the exception of the glass base part. I sanded down all the parts and spray painted them all white and then put it all together. I then added the hanging crystals for that real shabby chic pop and the lampshade.

Here are some of the items needed to make a lamp. sells lamp parts & you can go here for good step-by-step instructions. Get creative. You can make a lamp out of many things just sitting around your home.

Shabby Chic style

Now wouldn’t my shabby chic lamp fit into this room just perfectly?!!

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