Design, Renew, Repurpose

So what is a Serendipitous Treasure?

Ok, so…I am not one of those people that hoards stuff by any stretch of the imagination (cept maybe my cats..haha) but I have to say there is nothing more infuriating or tragic than seeing things that clearly can be repurposed sitting on the side of the road for trash! AYYYY! It is positively maddening. So, yes, I am a garbage picker and will steal garbage (can you steal gargage, lol) off the side of the road if I need to so I can repurpose it. Most recently there was an old orange fabric sofa on the curb and I had my husband put the convertible top down and go grab it. LOL. It has that vintage feel and reminded me of my Nana. Hell, anything vintage reminds me of my Nana but man o’ man I loved that broad!

Ok, so let’s get to what a serendipitous treasure is…

To me a serendipitous treasure is when you take something and make it into something different…..thus repurposing it. You do not even have to make it into something different….you can simply use it in a new and different way or change the way it looks and you have something new and unexpected. In other words, it is someone else’s garbage turned into an unexpected treasure!

So before you throw that old cane chair away or toss those old dishes to the curb, be sure to see if you can repurpose it by googling that item or even looking for blogs like mine for ideas. You can go on and see if there are any local people that repurpose stuff or even put it on craigslist. You will be helping to cut down on garbage in the landfills and help save the planet. Thanks for reading and remember in the words of SEMISONIC:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. (yes even that old chair has potential for a new beginning) 🙂




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